Veggie Storage Tips

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Collard Greens

Storage: Store collard greens in a plastic bag. Use as soon as possible.

Preparation: Fill a large bowl or salad spinner with cold water, add collard greens, and swish them around to remove sand and dirt. Wait a minute to let the sediment settle to the bottom, then pull out the greens, dump the water, and repeat until the collards are clean. Dry thoroughly by rolling with towels. Remove the stems from the leaves before consuming, as the stems can be quite tough.

Taste: Mild and sweet

Nutritional Benefits: Collard greens contain 771 micrograms of vitamin A and 34.6 milligrams of vitamin C per 1-cup serving. These antioxidants help to lower the risk of oxidative stress on your cells, which is cell damage that can occur when your nutrient intake is low and when toxic chemicals and environmental pollutants enter your body. Collards also contain 5 grams of fiber per cup and can support the health of your digestive system when consumed regularly.