Veggie Storage Tips

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Storage: Wrap in a paper towel and place arugula in a plastic bag. Make sure to squeeze the air out of the bag before you seal it. Use these fresh greens as quickly as possible.

Preparation: As with all greens and herbs, arugula has a longer shelf life if you wait until you’re ready to use it to wash it. Fill a large bowl or salad spinner with cold water, add arugula, and swish it around to remove sand and dirt. Wait a minute to let the sediment settle to the bottom, then pull out the arugula, dump the water, and repeat until arugula is clean. Dry thoroughly in a spinner or by rolling in towels.

Taste: Peppery, slightly bitter

Nutritional Benefits: Arugula is a great source of phytochemicals that help to combat cancer-causing elements in the body. It is one of the best vegetable sources of vitamin K, making it excellent for bone and brain health. Its peppery flavor actually has a cooling effect on the body, which means it is especially soothing in the hot summer months.