Veggie Storage Tips

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Acorn Squash

Storage: Acorn squash will last up to a month in a cool (50 to 55 degrees F) dark cellar or storage area, but only a few weeks on your counter with good air circulation

Preparation: Give the squash a quick rinse and dry with a towel. Here is a great tutorial on “butchering” acorn squash.

Taste: Sweet, mellow, fibrous in texture

Nutritional Benefits: Acorn squash is rich in vitamin A, which support eye health and prevents the creation of cancerous cells. It is also a great source of vitamin C to promote the health of the immune and skeletal systems, and may help prevent heart disease and hypertension. The vitamin C content of foods is degraded by exposure to air, light, heat, and water. Accordingly, make sure to get the most out of your acorn squash by using the vegetable three to four days after you receive it. Steam or bake the squash instead of boiling it to keep vitamin C from being lost in the cooking water.