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Terrific Tomatoes

By KF Admin July 14, 2015

beefsteak tomatoes

The tomatoes are looking and tasting just fine and dandy here on Katchkie Farm. This past week I tasted the first of the ripe cherry tomatoes from the green house, and I would be hard-pressed to say that I have tasted sweeter. Thanks to the intensified perfection of growing conditions, they are well over my head and beginning to ripen from the bottom up. Harvesting is complimented by the beautiful aroma of the remaining blossoms, and the plant themselves exude a potent pollen aroma that is intoxicating (don’t tell Bob I’m getting intoxicated at work) and all while the greenhouse provides an unwelcoming environment for any human in the late morning and afternoon if the sun happens to be out.

The larger tomato varieties out in the field aren’t far behind. It seems like just yesterday we were setting in hundreds of stakes both metal and wooden to support a couple different varieties of rapidly growing plants. I have a major issue; I just can’t get over how quickly they are growing. It is an amazing feat to see.

This past week we set even more stakes for some later planted tomatoes as well as a few different varieties of peppers. They have become heavy beyond the limits of their own strength and required a little help from human ingenuity. This ingenuity has taken the form of the aforementioned stakes that use the wedge, a simple machine, and twine tied between each stake on both sides giving the plants something to lean on.

The earlier planted tomatoes have received this treatment as well and still require additional layers of twine as they grow up along the stakes. They’re natural inclination is to grow more like a vine than a self-standing plant. By staking the tomatoes and the peppers and the tomatillos,  we can keep them off the ground, sustaining the fruit for longer, and allowing us to harvest with ease without stepping on the bounty unknowingly.

I’m very excited to taste the fruits of this particular labor. The sheer size indicates in my mind healthy and well nourished plants, which in turn ought to produce exceptional fruit.  I see a lot of salsa verde and canning in my near future.