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“Three Part GP Meal”- Shawn Burke

By KF Admin July 18, 2017

Shawn Burke- Three Part GP Meal

Tomato, Turnip, Lettuce, Eggplant, Squash, Zucchini, Kale, Cucumber, Scallions

“It was a lot of ingredients so I created a full meal, a salad a entree and a juice.



For the salad I did a barely poached turnip in white wine and cinnamon added fresh tomatoes and lettuce, dressed with salt pepper and olive oil.



For the entrée, I did a breaded eggplant squash and zucchini, then fried to a golden color and placed it on a bed of sauteed kale, with a nice cilantro coconut curry sauce, garnished with scallions.



For the juice, I did a kale and cucumber juice, I added ginger and sugar to it to give it a nice flavor, it’s very healthy and taste very good. I created this meal because I know I work for a great company that makes great food, and I’ve been privileged to work at a number of different venues, so i take what I’ve learned from each venue and add to this dish, that’s what makes this dish so special for me, and it’s very healthy and easy to make. And I would love to call it my GP MEAL.”