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CSA Venue Contest Submission- Hayley Gordin

By KF Admin August 29, 2017

Summer Squash Grilled Cheese with Rainbow Chard Salad

hayley submission pic

“Having parents that love to cook is a great way to grow up and explore and learn what you like to eat from a young age. My Mom could never get myself and my sister to eat other vegetables so she would puree and blend them and mix with foods we did enjoy like grilled cheese and macaroni and cheese.  The cheese masked the taste, we got our nutrients and the mac and cheese was colorful.  I still love Grilled Cheese to this day and obsessed with squash and the sweetness it brings to any meal.

Avocado was one of the first foods that I was given as a baby when teething so it was easy to always incorporate that into meals.  The natural oils make it slide off the grilled cheese so having it on the side is always the best.”