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Katchkie Taco Night- Wade Appleton

By KF Admin November 15, 2017

Katchkie Taco Night!



“When I dug in to my CSA bag, I was seeking inspiration through iconic ingredients. A few that stood out were the fresh tomatillos and avocados. I immediately thought of South American cuisine, and was inspired to utilize these vegetables, along with the fresh tomatoes, corn, poblano peppers, and onions to make my own salsas for a very special taco night.

I went about making a fresh salsa verde with the tomatillos, and was quite pleased with the results. I then made an avocado and corn salsa that was to die for. I served both salsas with nacho chips to kick the meal off, and then brought out the tacos. I used the fresh heads of lettuce from my CSA bag, along with chopped tomatoes and onions to accompany the meat and cheese spread. I also served some of the avocado-corn salsa as a topping for the tacos, and that really brought the dish to a new level.

My guests were certainly impressed, and commented explicitly on how fresh everything tasted. It was incredible to see and taste how much better a simple ‘taco night’ can be if you take the time to make salsas from scratch, and use quality ingredients. “