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Katchkie Crudite Board- Tom Storch

By KF Admin November 15, 2017

Katchkie Crudite Board

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“On first seeing the fresh produce from Katchkie Farm, I right away wanted to make a clean, simple dish that would celebrate the natural flavors of the ingredients. That is why I decided to assemble a crudite-style board featuring the vegetables alongside select accouterments chosen to compliment them. Moreover, my girlfriend and I, due to our busy schedule and shared penchant for snacking, often enjoy replacing traditional, single plate meals with various hors d’oeurves and appetizers, so a platter style board was a natural choice.

I only say a crudite-style platter because, in order to draw out the sweetness of the carrots and the earthiness of the beets, I roasted both of them with honey and orange. Similarly, I broiled the leeks to emphasize their sweet garlicky notes and to cut their oniony flavor. Laying all three of these on Katchkie farm lettuce, I surrounded them with Fra’ Mani mortadella and Red Table Big Chet’s garlic and fennel salami to add salt and protein, as well as Westcombe English cloth bound Cheddar for richness.

As a dip for the vegetables I hollowed a poblano pepper and filled it with Great Performance hummus (the pita chips lined along the side of the plate are also from Great Performances). Then, to add a savory and creamy relief to the sweetness of the carrots, beets and leeks, I hollowed out several mini pepper and filled them with Meredith Dairy sheep and goat Feta. Also, to give a crisp, peppery finish to the dish, I quick pickled radish slices in cider vinegar, honey and salt and paired them with cornichons. The charcuterie, cheese and cornichons all come courtesy from my girlfriend who is the head of the cheese department at Greene Grape Provisions. Finally, as garnish, I finely chopped parsley and sprinkled it on the carrots, beets and stuffed peppers.”